About Kim Kaiser

Living in a coastal town New Smyrna Beach, Kim Kaiser has been immersed into the nature, critters and birds of a Florida beach environment.  It speaks to her love of water, outdoors, wildlife and being close to the earth and ocean.  Kim's roots began in Kansas where her family held the arts high in their values and so imparted the respect for creativity and beauty around her.  

Kim began creating at an early age along with teachers encouraging and supporting her development in the arts.  While raising her children in a coastal Florida town she created a business at home doing a great diversity of art work from interior decorating, residential and commercial, to art shows and commissioned art work.  

Kim Kaiser received a BA in Studio Art and a BA in Elementary Education at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.  During this time, Kim studied extensively in Europe, Guatemala, and the Caribbean and U.S.  

Today Kim Kaiser continues to explore new and old techniques, mediums, and the world in and around her with a great deal of focus on staying diverse, creative and forever curious.  

Publications & Press

Commission for Brownie's Dog Boutique, Daytona Beach FL

Brushings, Rollins College Literary & Fine Arts Magazine 1994

Focus on the Arts, News Journal 2007
"Following her Whimsical Nature"

Artist, The Observer 2006
"It's all in the Eye of the Beholder"